Balbiino „Vanilla Ninja – number 1 ice cream in Estonia!“

Why did we do it?
Vanilla Ninja ice cream is Estonia’s best-selling ice cream, which hasn’t had advertising campaign for over six years. However, in the spring of 2016, when Vanilla Ninja ice cream in a waffle cone was launched, we decided to do a campaign. It had three objectives: to increase the general awareness of consumers (particularly among young people) about Vanilla Ninja ice cream, to talk about new Vanilla Ninja ice-cream in a waffle cone and to increase the sales of brand products.

What did we do?
To increase the awareness of young consumers we used outdoor media as the main media channel, where we shared a cheerful message. Our media message amplifying was fully satisfied as we used smartly tensioned banners, which are known as banners, where also from time to time ordinary citizens express emotions for their loved ones. The posters caught public eye and news portals started to write stories about Vanilla Ninja ice cream. In addition to that, we had buses full of Vanilla Ninja advertisements traveling around Tallinn from May until mid-August. The aim of the bus was to inform that Vanilla Ninja ice cream is the best-selling ice cream in Estonia and that from now on there is Vanilla Ninja ice cream in waffle cone. From June to July we also used 10 bus backs for advertisements. Additionally we used Internet (including mobile) and radio in the summer months (June and July). In Internet we used Postimees and Delfi with mobile solutions, social media and networks (Google, SmartAD, Clickit).

What was the result?
The turnover of Vanilla Ninja brand increased over 40% compared to the previous year. This means that Vanilla Ninja became the best-selling ice cream in Estonia also in 2016. There were sold 18% more Vanilla Ninja ice lollies than the last year. In the period from May to August in 2016 there were sold 1.5 million Vanilla Ninja ice creams. Taking into account the media budget contributed to the campaign, for every invested euro 50 ice creams were sold.