Vivacolor „The great artwork of Helen Sürje"“

Why did we do it?
Vivacolor paint brand is the most well-known paint brand in Estonia! However, the problem in selling the paint is that Vivacolor clients are professional painters and people who are doing home repairs by themselves and their number doesn’t grow significantly over time. So we had to find a communication solution that would put ordinary people buy more paint. 
We realized that it is important to inspire and make potential customers buy paints through examples - we wanted to show them, that it is very easy to make home fresher and great-looking with a paint and that it is easy project for also ordinary people. The aim of the campaign was to inspire and encourage consumers to try painting at home.

What did we do?
Helen Sürje was chosen to be the face of the campaign. We made a video project, where Helen showed, how make a total kitchen make-over with a new color. The partner of the project was Delfi, where we made a separate Vivacolor subpage in "Modern Home" rubric. We collected there all the information associated with painting - articles and videos. People, who were inspired by paintings in Helen’s kitchen, could easily find, through these ways of communication, information, how to freshen their homes.

What was the result?
The goal of Vivacolor subpage was to reach 25,000 readings of the articles and to grow Vivacolor spontaneous awareness by 10%. In reality the articles were read over 70,000 times and there were more than 330 000 video views. In particular, we are pleased with the spontaneous growth of Vivacolor awareness, which grew by nearly 50%, thus embedding the predominant leader place in the Estonian market. The sales of Vivacolor Interior series paints were increased thanks to the campaign.