Kaubamaja „Buy, how it suits you“

Why did we do it?
The process of launching Kaubamaja e-shop needed consistent approach. Additionally to technical preparations, which had been tested with previous pop-up stores, we needed to know, how consumers shop in internet environment, from which channels they look for information and who is the core target in e-shops. Since Kaubamaja’s perspective was to widen shopping opportunities for consumers in general, not to move their sales to internet alltogether, then the preparational work had to show which goods consumers buy on the internet and to what extent web is used as pre-shopping channel.

What did we do?

In the prephase of e-shop launch several Kantar Emor surveys were used to analyse market situation and advertsing behaviour of competitors. Additionally special survey Shopline was conducted to understand consumer actions in internet shopping activities and from where infromation for shopping is gathered. Important product categories for Kaubamaja were analysed in the survey.
The campaign itself was buildt on two pillars: campaign based activities in different mass media channels and constant activities in web. All activities were tied together with unifying message „Buy, how it suits you“.
Within a year television, outdoor, radio, internet and print were used, both for forwarding and introduction of Kaumaja e-shop message. Constant activities included Google Adwords and Facebook retargeting activities. In outdoor it was important to use different formats and change them between different locations. For the first time outdoor was used also outside of Tallinn, in summer capital Pärnu, where beach cabins were involved.
For online constant activities thorough Google Adwords structure was built and it was steadily optimized. Additionally throughout the year Facebook social media retargeting banners were used. Carousel format banners were shown in Facebook for those who had visited Kaubamaja e-shop, but didn’t finish their purchase in the shopping environment.

What was the result?
Kaubamaja’s objective is not to move it’s shopping halls to internet, but  to widen the amount of shoppers, who cannot access Kaubamaja physically due to geographical restrictions. Second goal of the launch of e-shop was to target younger audiences (until 35 years of age). In 2016 the biggest growth in consumer section came from younger consumers, the increase compared to previous year was 8%. E-shop was important among those shoppers, who don’t live in Tallinn or Tartu, the overall number of such consumers was 15% from all shoppers in e-shop. The goals set for margin and profit plans got exceeded and top of mind of Kaubamaja was the highest in last years ( increase from 40% to 44%).