Media campaign for Estonian republic 100th birthday

Why did we do it?
The aim of campaigns for Estonian 100th birthday was to reach maximum audience, 90% of people living in Estonia. In the beginning of 2017 the overall knowledge about the event among Estonian inhabitants was 59%. So we had a lot of work to do, especially among Russian speaking audiences.

What did we do?
In order to bring out the essence of the message and reach as wide public as possible, we needed creative solution, influential for all different target groups and media plan, visible among many different people. Therefore we decided to use several different types: blonde woman, brunette lady, a mother, family head, a girl from Kihnu, small boy, grandfather, Russian, sailor; all in the name of creating associations for all different people living in Estonia. To tell stories, all wide coverage media types were used: television, outdoor and internet. All media types were used on even levels.

What was the result?
• Main goal was to reach with the message to 90% of Estonian population, by the end of the first stage of the campaign, the number was 99%; among Russian speaking population the number was also high 98%
72% noticed campaigns and 74% kept it in mind
• Campaign’s noticeability among Russian speaking audiences increased from 46% to 55%
• Second part of the campaign was liked by both nations (Russians and Estonians) at 82%
• The overall satisfaction with Jubilee celebrations had grown to 86% by the August 2018