Increasing Jysk e-shop sales

Why did we do it?
Jysk is operating in very cluttered home interior products category and their e-shop sales had been on same level for quite many years. Client wanted to increase web sales and their overall amount constantly without making additional investments in media.

What did we do?
We made a thorough analysis on web activities done so far and worked out new targetng options in web environment.
We started using three different directions:
• Dynamic retargeting, with a goal to bring back costumers who started Shopping in Jysk e-shop, but didn’t complete their purchase
• Retargeting for all consumers, who had visited Jysk webpage
• Wider targeting and message spread in bigger portals to bring in totally new customers

What was the result?
Sales turnover increased 44% compared to previous period last year
Actual interactions number was bigger by 31% in the e-shop compared to previous year
Conversion rate went up by 114% thanks to precise targeting