Salvest ketchup launch

Why did we do it?
Salvest position was weak on the ketchup market. In order to improve its position it was decided to bring to the market totally new product. Since ketchup sector has been lead for a long time by Felix, the main challenge was to create very good product, win customers trust through considered communication and find media types and channels where consumers  would be most effectively reached.

What did we do?
Using Kantar Emor studies we clarified who are the main target groups of the campaign and carried out focus group research among them. We gathered info about the ways ketchup is used as well as asked about ketchup taste opinions and package preferences. 
After extensive studies we found out that in communication Salvest ketchup natural taste, big tomato consistance and domestic origin are the most important factors. Yearly media budget was divided in between 3 campaigns: January and February for launch, May and June for grill campaign and autumn for school beginning campaign. 
For all 3 campaign waves television was the main medium, it allowed to spread the message the fastest to wide auditorium. We chose only suitable channels and used different clip lengths to increase campaign effectiveness. Supporting medium was internet, offering especially good coverage among young target group. During summer grill campaign we added to the mix radio campaign, which culminated with a consumer game.

What was the result?
• In 2017 Salvest ketchup was sold over 3 times more
• On ketchup market II position was reached
• Market share grew from 1,5% to 12,3%
• Campaign notice after I wave 59% and likeablity 88%
• 94% of consumers who had tried Salvest ketchup considered it to be very tasty