Selver grants people’s wishes

Why did we do it?
Selver, as many other retail chains, is fighting constantly for the loyalty of their everyday customers. Therefore, additionally to usual price campaigns, we needed something unique, yet thoughtful to prove to our customers that we care about them, we are able to meet up with their needs and they do not need to visit other supermarkets. Campaign „We fulfil your wishes“ was created - each customer could choose for themselves which products  with a good price they would like to buy from Selver.

What did we do?
With the media campaign we had to put the message out there in a way that customers would  understand- the product they choose to be in a shop with a good price, will really get there. We organised web based questionnaires, where customers could choose from a list their favourite products in 16 categories and started to spread the message in mass media. Since Selver’s clients are located all over Estonia, we chose to use television as main medium in all campaign phases. Additionally we used internet, print, radio and direct mail. After answering on the wish list in internet, each customer got a text message to their mobile- your wishes have been fulfilled.

What was the result?
In 2013 there were 3 “Wishes” campaigns and in each wave approximately 8000 people addressed their wishes, which is more than 24 000 satisfied customers! Wish hit products’ sales went up 2 to 23 times and in median the growth was 5,54 times, which is 454%. For example coffee was sold 4,93 times more, toilet paper 7,1 times more and pasta 15,9 times more.