Statistics Estonia sets a world record

Why did we do it?
Estonians had to be counted, so Statistics Estonia organised the Population and Housing Census PHC 2011. The target group were all people over 15 years of age who live in Estonia. In order to save money, the goals for the first stage or the e-census were set at 25% of the population.

What did we do?
The campaign was divided into three stages, each of them with a different objective. We mapped all interim goals and sub-target groups in great detail, and we aimed our messages directly at the people and combined traditional media with various special solutions.

What was the result?
The result for the first stage of the campaign exceeded all expectations:  62% of the population took part in the e-census, which beat the previous e-census world record of 54.6% achieved by Canada.

The population of Estonia according to PHC 2011 is 1.29 million.